Increasing Manufacturing Productivity


A multinational pharmaceutical company with double-digit CAGR had invested in capacity increase worldwide over recent years to respond to rising demand and ensure OTIF. Nevertheless, productivity and OEE on each site remained low, leading to a further decision to balance CAPEX with investments in PC&A (Process Control and Automation).


In order to increase productivity by reducing workload, human error and variance, a team was formed to implement Batch Mode, firstly focusing on spray dryers and thereafter on the rest of the equipment line. Emerson’s DeltaV was selected as DCS. A phased approach was designed and a joint team involving PC&A, QA and Production was formed to implement automation on all major lines.


In the past 12 months, 58 batch recipes were designed and configured, of which 33 were operationally qualified with blank batches. Results from batch receipts showed a considerable potential to increase productivity, leading to a decision to significantly expand automation to the remaining equipment and lines.