Increasing Lab Productivity


Pharmaceutical company employing more than 200 analytical Chemist, running tasks and analytical methods with a high percentage of manual recording, duplicated tasks, not standardized and with significant variance. Growing regulatory demand for the recording and auditing of laboratory activities, requiring an efficient and productive way to comply with regulations, while optimally increasing lab productivity.


A Business Review was conducted and led to the opportunity of implementing an ELN/LES on QC and R&D Labs. ELN/LES Vendor was selected, and the solution integrated with the ERP and LIMS. A team was set up to configure around 3,500 methods. An implementation plan was drawn up to enable the staggered introduction of the solution worldwide.


Over the program’s 16-month duration, significant standardization and streamlining of lab methods will be achieved, resulting in the following benefits for the business:

  • 20% productivity improvement on QC and R&D Labs
  • ROI: 3.57; Payback period: four years
  • Significant risk reduction
  • 20%

    productivity improvement on QC and R&D Labs