PMO – Experience and Customer Service


The need to enhance the quality of the passenger experience at the airport led to the improvement of a wide range of processes, flows and operating practices with a view to improving punctuality, and “left-behind” luggage. The ultimate goal was an upgrade in the Airport’s positioning in the world ranking.


Forty-three initiatives across six different working areas were defined for the entire airport operation. These involved four stakeholders: The Airport Authority, the airlines, the ground handlers and the Immigration and Borders Service (SEF). A PMO was set up to monitor all of the initiatives and a governance model involving the four entities was implemented (this is the first time ever that these entities have joined forces to address mutual issues).


Over a 12-month programme, significant institutional cooperation between the four entities was achieved at the highest level. Significant tangible results were achieved, as can be seen from the figures below:

  • 43%

    year-on-year reduction in baggage left behind

  • 28%

    increase in airline punctuality