Bus Manufacturer

Increasing Productivity on the Line


The company aimed to reduce the working hours devoted to one particular type of bus from an average of 1,250 to 750, as well as achieving a 1% cut in the cost of materials (only related to engineering solutions), which represented 70% of the cost of the product. There was one dedicated assembly line for this type of bus.


The team took an approach based on five work streams: 1) Assembly line balancing; 2) A review of the QA process; 3) Logistics and material planning; 4) Design for Manufacturing; 5) Organizational development. A plan was drawn up to implement the changes over a 26-week period.


The programme successfully delivered against targets:

  • 30% reduction in direct labour;
  • > 1% reduction in COGS;
  • 1.63% increase in EBIT;
  • Total project ROI 2.08:1
  • 30%

    reduction in direct labour

  • > 1%

    reduction in COGS

  • 1.63%

    increase in EBIT