Wholesale sector

PMO Value Creation Plan


20% loss of market share over several years, with declining margins. Growing competition, loss of customers and revenue per m2 of commercial area. Underutilization. Urgent need for strategic repositioning. New management, strong restructuring with a 20% reduction in headcount and implementation of the Value Creation Plan with a focus on the Hotel and Catering Industry and a clear growth objective.


The “100 Days Delivery Plan” started integrating project charters with objectives, metrics, milestones and responsibilities. International Reporting. PMO support, integration of initiatives in the fields of assortment review, communication, TAC (Transport After Check-out), out-of-store delivery, store layout, operational processes, commercial effectiveness, and property.


Expected results by the end of the programme:

12% increase in market share (~ 43% market share in Hotel and Catering)

Sales increase with CAGR 5 years 2.8%

  • 12%

    increase in market share