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Passengers with Reduce Mobility (PRM) – a Case Study

Do you want to find out more about how we improved the special assistance to Passengers of Reduced Mobility (PRM) at an airport operator? 🛫 Read the full article bellow to know the details of another successful strategy implemented.

Our client is an airport operator who, within his responsibilities, provides assistance to passengers with reduced mobility (PRM). The PRM service is EC regulated and monitored by the country civil aviation authority.

Service is provided by a subcontractor and was not reaching the regulated performance. Low performance at this service was also affecting the airport global performance considering the caused delays either for departures or arrivals.

Our Approach

Main definitions:

Stakeholders alignment
Service model definition with all stakeholders
Operational rules and responsibilities
Master plan, rosters and resources flexibility
KPI’s and  SLA’s

Main actions:

Ensure results maintenance by supporting the middle management with the daily operation
Follow daily operation and  management system, including reports to top management

Main findings:

No common ground between Stakeholders regarding service model, rules and responsibilities
Poor Management System and metrics
Middle management not capacitated to coordinate and supervise the operations

Main implementations:

New service model
Management system, root cause analyses and operational meetings
Flexibility plan |Recourses development
Supervision skill and routines


-68% Accepted Delays
+20% Service Level (SLA%) – Departure
+11% Service Level (SLA%) – Arrival
+23% Overall Efectiveness
-2.9% Failures (%) – Departure
-2.5% Failures (%) – Arrival