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Managing Off-Site Vs. On-Site Workers

Is managing virtual teams really that different from managing on-site teams?

During this current pandemic time, you surely have dealt with several constraints as working remotely within a team and yet the pressure to managing scope, cost, schedule and to deliver value in every project for the stakeholders.

The main difficulties in working within or managing a virtual team, may be explained by the fact that we are not physically at the same space and are not that familiar to virtual communication, we are handling multiple simultaneous projects with tight timelines and budgets.

Luckily, there some tips and tools that can help us all, such as:

  • To power technology and to invest in communication tools, in order to reduce the feelings of isolation that may influence the meaningful interactions among team members and to management.
  • Tools to improve the workflow and to monitoring the ongoing tasks.
  • Upgrade the time tracking tools, using new applications that can reduce the time spending on time tracking tasks and administrative ones. Therefore, increasing the amount of time spent on productive project-related tasks, improving productivity, forecasting and cost management.

What other tips and tools are you thinking of?

What other tips and tools do you propose?


Remember the ultimate goal should be to provide the best framework possible to increase the ability of team members to participate in planning, problem-solving and decision-making to better serve the projects and the stakeholders.