About Us

Voltarion was created to help companies increase operational performance and profitability in a sustainable way, through the implementation of complex transformation programmes which assist them in developing their management and leadership skills.

We specialise in improving business results by implementing projects along the value chain with the aim of boosting operational performance by acting on processes, people, assets and technology. Our success in each project is measured by the value delivered to our clients.

Our methodology comprises steps for business analysis at the point of execution, aligned with proven successful principles for sustainable project delivery and strict control and governance along the execution stage.

With a results-oriented culture, Voltarion employs a team of seasoned world-class professionals who have solid experience and successful track records in managing and executing projects in multinational and multicultural environments.

What makes us different?


We talk business. Our extensive experience in various business sectors, allows us to quickly understand the client needs and to establish a focused implementation improvement plan and transformation roadmap.

Results are all-important to us. We seek to translate our clients’ needs into tangible goals and mobilise teams to achieve them.

We deliver. When goals are to be achieved in a short time frame, strict governance is required in order to build momentum and manage transformation; this is one of our differentiating skills.