What does the buzzword Digital Transformation really mean?

Pedro Mendes, Implementation Manager at #Voltarion, demystifies this topic, as well as the greater challenges of implementing digital transformation programmes.

Digital Transformation comes with greater challenges than just technology. Transforming related business processes and methods is a must-do in every initiative. Factors directly impacting human resources in their work practices are often the main challenge when implementing a digital transformation programme.

At Voltarion, we take a 360º approach to ensure that technology is implemented over “clean” and sometimes disruptive processes. This is the only way we can truly talk about Digital Transformation.

Process, people and technology: these are the three mandatory aspects to be mastered in every digital transformation initiative.

Digital Transformation is a buzzword often used when technology is being developed and implemented in an organisation. However, it rarely includes real integrated transformation that will make it possible to capitalise on all of the potential benefits.

At Voltarion, we ensure that technology means transformation and impact is measured and capitalised on by the business. This is part of Voltarion’s DNA projects.