People !

They key to sustainable performance.

Stepping up business and operational performance is key to most companies.

Considerable investments have been made in equipment and technology, to allow operating blueprints to be upgraded resulting in increased and better-quality throughput.

Working processes have been improved to support the working integration of these equipment and technology assets.

Even the digitalization path has been kicked off, as the new equipment and technology has opened the way to smoother operational set ups and blueprint configurations.

All and all, a lot of money, time and effort has been put into your business in order to set up your organizational capability. But somehow the result never seem to be aligned with your expectations.

Almost every time, the common denominator to capturing all the expected results is people – in the corporate jargon known as Human Resources!!

In fact, it all comes down to people´s availability, knowledge, skills, motivation, attitude, willingness, etc….

These are just some of the most variables that you are recurrently faced when trying to maximize your assets utilization, and capture the expected results at the end of all the investments made to date.

The question may then be: have you invested as much in your people, as you have in equipment, technology, etc ?

If the answer is no, then that is probably the reason why the results keep on falling short of your expectations. Do not remember that people should the primary asset your organization.

People knowledge, readiness and willingness are a fundamental part of a high performing business. All levels of the organization need to be aligned with the business goals, appropriate the working methods and be fluent with the used technology.

Making this happen requires vision, leadership, skill and focus. Aligning, leading, training, coaching and making this an endogenous skill to your organization has to be the goal. And making this happen is a complex and challenging transformation journey.

As an operations implementation company, we know that one cannot implement without transforming “hearts and minds” of the teams. They will have to be empowered and led through the transformation path in order to learn and engage, to be a part of every solution and progressively to reach the ultimate stage of any implementation – to self appropriate the new ways of working. And from there, continue to develop it.

This is paramount to ensuring long term business performance and results sustainability.

So, if these scenarios resemble any of your organizational needs, maybe you need to target your next investment in people development.

By doing this, you will effectively be investing in your long term business performance sustainability.