Transformational Leaders

We do not just need leaders! We need Transformational Leaders!

Like a coach in any kind of sports, the main role of a leader is to ensure that his team scores and wins the game. In our current environment, leaders cannot be just an “ordinary” leader or boss, more than ever one must be a transformational leader, someone who is always focused in moving forward, raising the bar, and challenging teams for more ambitious goals.


The transformational leader is very focused in goals and getting the job done, and achieves that by creating a vision to guide changes through inspiration, executing changes with committed members and inspiring followers to perform beyond their perceived capabilities.


Maybe you know some transformational leaders, that are so without knowing it.

Along with a strong winning mentality, here are some other major traits for one to recognize them:

  • They set high and reasonable goals for their teams, inspire commitment, and create a shared vision for their organization
  • They act as strong role model and lead by example, considering the needs of their teams and prioritizing them
  • They encourage their teams to think for themselves, tend to be tolerant to their mistakes, and encourage them as they believe they promote growth
  • They establish strong relationships with their teams and allocate time to develop their potential


Do you want to be a transformational leader?

It is within your reach!

Just step up to the role and practice every day!