Think and Do Differently

A new year usually points to the definition of new goals and achievements.

On a personal level we see a period in History where the hybrid became a common denominator of our lives. We can say that several types of hybrids exist – like mobility vs. work office, office vs.  home, other hybrid increasingly evident between personal vs professional life balance.   Technology has played a major contribution, via smartphone or IOT, just to mention two simple examples.

The boundaries between the “when” and “where” were virtually eliminated in many functions, resulting in attempts to regulate situations (right to turn off) that are naturally adjusted by the society.

On the other hand, companies need to provide new working and business models that can align companies with these new challenges, in order to retain talent and make teams more collaborative and efficient.

Decision makers must therefore increasingly question the “how”. Trying to do better is not necessarily only to do it differently. We can incorporate incremental gains in production chains, information flows or business areas such as logistics, or in the redefinition of the level of service provided in after sales support.

Doing differently means innovating in processes, incorporating more value, without necessarily implying capex or more operating costs. Doing differently also means having alternative views of how processes are designed.

Reconciling the new models of collaboration with innovation in the management of production or commercial processes is an important challenge to keep companies on the path of these trends, not jeopardizing profitability.

Voltarion assumes itself as a partner of excellence for this reality, reconciling know-how with strategic vision and with the ability to Implement transformation at all levels of the organization.


José Cóias