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Paper Complex / Strategic Sales

Today’s sales environment is becoming more complex by the day. The need to improve organisations’ sales processes is now more present than ever before, as a factor that will lead to their survival and growth in the markets within which they operate.

Decision makers are more informed, the competition is stronger, and differentiation is becoming tougher and tougher. Products and services are increasingly starting to be seen as commodities. The rules of the market are changing and organisations have to adapt to this new reality and prepare for change.

To do so, companies will have to adapt their sales processes internally so that they are continually in line with these new realities, defining specific approaches for each strategic sale, evaluating the buyer network, context and the long sales cycle.

Our “Complex Sales” process helps both organisations and individuals develop strategies to boost sales now, at a time when the decision to buy has never been more complex. And in fact, is especially useful when the purchase approval process requires input from several people before a deal can be closed.

Our methodology allows the selling organisation to view their entire business through one, structured lens. Firstly, all the players from the purchasing organisation are identified; then, the degree of influence and each player’s personal motives to buy are analysed and their competitive position and strengths assessed, so that information that has not yet been discovered can be gathered.

Following this information gathering process, the salesperson or team should develop comprehensive action plans that relate to each individual’s motives, in order to mitigate weaknesses and reveal uncertainties.

Using this rigorous process significantly improves the chances of closing on big deals, and of swiftly distancing yourselves from entering into resource-intensive deals where you have little chance of succeeding.

It also allows your organisation to follow a standardised process in achieving big business, in allocating resources and in forecasting. The rigor and consistency achieved ensures a high degree of professionalism, enables effective sales management and significantly increases the likelihood of closing deals.

If your sales organisation is faced with the issues we’ve touched upon, a structured “sales process” could be one of the solutions that, when implemented, may have the greatest impact on performance and results.



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