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Actions speaks louder than words

A leader who values himself today has in his lexicon, a wide set of words (famous buzzwords), constituting an interesting argumentative of evident professional updating and performance of his company. Whether it is a presentation, an event, a report and accounts, a meeting or simply a working lunch…


Some of the maxims that fill the public space in the business environment (and not only): for example, we live times of rapid change, where adaptations to constant market changes impact all stakeholders.

Another example, the main asset of the company is people or human capital.  Or, the social responsibility that the organization develops, issues such as innovation, generation of ideas or promotion of creativity… also add aspects of labor flexibility, co-working, creation of conditions aimed at the satisfaction and well-being of the employees. Issues with sustainability, the circular economy, contributions to decarbonization or climate change, are currently some of the mandatory ones to “bring in your pocket”.

Who has not yet cleaned a beach for the sake of the environment?  This without entering another, more technological role, such as cloud, AI, scanning or big data.

Gone are the times of the incessant repetition of the (almost unique) goal of creating or maximizing shareholder value, or even that the customer is always at the center of all the company’s decisions. They are true parangonas, but currently less politically correct in the first case, or almost trivialized in the second.

Putting the issues in perspective, these concerns (especially the most recent ones) are indeed important, so they must and must be present at the highest level of each organization. Each and every one, in its fair measure and value, taking into account naturally the industry where it operates. Some companies, as a result of their investment capacity, vision or culture, have already introduced or are doing so, easing the different areas or departments of the means to seek to respond to so many new challenges.

The need to change attitudes and mentalities is key, especially when it is necessary to disseminate throughout the structure, true disruptions. Important now, is to move from words to actions. To do this, leaders and other top managers at the highest level in companies need to plan and execute a set of initiatives that facilitate the adoption of new tools – new flows, processes and applications to the also already famous “shop floor”. Put it in another way, through the incorporation of new forms of work, approach to the business and the markets in which they operate, with concrete plans and objectives, logically placing people as main actors and beneficiaries.

CXO’s have, for the most part, too many fronts to ensure the commitment of all teams to these new causes and trends. The importance of having appropriate business models and strategies must be supported by the identification and implementation of specific and systematic actions, allowing daily delivery of business value.

In this way, it will be more inclusive, enriching and efficient, to leverage the action of each person in the organization, in its respective context, and practiced the adoption of the priorities and necessary disruptions, understood as new best practices of a leader / company manager.


José Cóias – Partner


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