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GMP Automation System

GMP Automation system improves Pharmaceutical Industry!

In the Pharmaceutical industry, it is not solely about implementing new methods, it is also about using confirmed solutions and approaches to improve quality, reliability, reproducibility and reducing waste.

Thus, flexibility is the key to success, and manufacturing automation is a must. More than ever, automation just needs to be able to control manufacturing processes according to the specified requirements for the product that is being produced.

Automated Processes systematically generate electronic raw data for each GMP Batch. This data can then be used for electronic reports which is a user-friendly way to consult the data related to the batch and to support validation of the product in concern.

Quality is an imperative for customers and stakeholders involved in every project whenever they consider a product or service. So, it means that if one cannot do “right @first time” using traditional methods, one must consider adopting new methods, such as enhancing automated systems, in regards to equipment and utilities of the production line related to the process.

Within an automated environment, one may achieve consistent reliability and efficiency whilst being able to achieve quality @first time.


Cláudia Rodrigues
Implementation Consultant


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